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Seasons where contacted by a Logistics company who had a problem with their existing dated air conditioning units. The original units where in poor condition and working on the old refrigerant gases.

We advised the client the best solution taking into consideration the clients preferred method and budget. Seasons resolved their situation working within their budget and delivered a safe and professional installation.

Seasons where approached by a prestigious IT Banking Company who had recently moved there IT department into a London office space. They had found the existing Air Conditioning was not substantial to handle the heat load deposited from all the IT equipment and staff. The Buildings original system was supplied via a chilled water HVAC system.

We advised the client with the most cost effective answer to their problem, by installing commercial  ceiling cassette units we were able to tap into the buildings existing system.  The units were independently controlled via their own remote controls, allowing the client complete management of their own working temperature.

Seasons were requested by a domestic customer to install a competitively priced heating system into their recently purchased family home. The customer had already gathered other quotes and found us to be the most cost effective. We worked alongside the client with meeting their design criteria, and delivered a safe and professional job. The appliance installation was registered with gas safe and the appropriate manufactures commissioning data completed giving the customer their full warranties.

Seasons had an emergency call out over the Christmas holiday period to attend a burst pipe that had frozen whilst they were away. We isolated, drained and replaced the split pipe work, restoring their heating and hot water.